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SEI Mask For All

Every time you wear an Ankara Fabric Reusable Mask by SEI, you are supporting the women of the farming community of Kano, Nigeria. Working together with the cooperatives, we are helping the propagation of the new hygiene norms in rural Nigeria and bringing additional incomes to their homes.

The masks will be distributed amongst NGOs and businesses to help protect communities against COVID-19.

This is the time for the world to come together and support the most vulnerable.

Our Foundation

Stallion is a people's company, completely dedicated to its customers, partners and communities around the facilities in West Africa. It has worked in the Sub Saharan region for the past 50 years by developing businesses around services, agro-commodities, automobiles, steel, mines, plastics & packaging. It has invested notably towards building large-scale local industries in Africa, deploying most recent technologies, generating employment and strongly endorsing the concept of domestic production.

Stallion Empowerment Initiative is a philanthropic endeavour of Stallion Group founded by Sahil and Sarina Vaswani in 2019. The initiative was introduced in Nigeria with the intentions to have an overall socio-economic impact across West Africa in the future.

Our CSR initiatives tackle social issues at both local and national level in order to develop scalable, impactful and sustainable social programmes that leave a vision for future generations. SEI is committed to improving the socio-economic conditions of the communities in West Africa that it does business with. Our present key focus is to support and scale education, healthcare & scaling youth empowerment across Nigeria.

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