Our Founders

Sarina is the co-founder, COO of Stallion Empowerment Initiative, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the socio-economic condition of communities in West Africa. Sarina has always shown a keen interest in social disparities and human rights in developing countries. Having lived in Nigeria and seeing the struggles of poverty has driven her interest in international development and social work. Sarina’s academic background is in social sciences in the UK. She studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, BA Development & History in Africa and South Asia. Then later pursued her studies at London School of Economics & Political Science in MSc Social Policy & Development (NGOs). This solidified her theoretical knowledge to critically engage with different public and private actors in the field of development to achieve long term progress in West Africa.

Sarina has previously based her work experience in the public sector, through foreign relations, diplomacy and non-governmental organizations in Singapore and India. She later pursued her interest in the private sector and agro-commodities whilst training at Archer Daniels Midland in New York. This experience was an opportunity to understand the supply/demand of agro-commodities and the future of food security in West Africa.

After co-founding Stallion Empowerment Initiative, Sarina believes this foundation will continue to empower individuals and bring communities closer together. She is very passionate to push the agenda of women empowerment, education and food security across West Africa. She also shares a strong drive towards the future of social entrepreneurship and impact investing in developing countries.

Sahil is the co-founder, CEO of Stallion Empowerment Initiative, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the socio-economic conditions of the communities in West Africa. The foundation is based on the ethos that empowering people by giving them a good education and enabling them with skills that are crucial for employability are better means to reach out to underprivileged communities as it encourages them to strive for a good living and help their families to live a better life.

Partly raised in Nigeria, Sahil came up-close with communities around the business units of Stallion Group in West Africa and saw the socio-economic disparity in the region, youth incarcerated or victims of the region’s senseless violence. With his own experiences he realized the importance of education and that stemmed his desire to take part and strive for a change.

Sahil was brought up in a household where education was very important and taught to be powerful; after graduating from high school, Sahil obtained his Bachelors degree in Politic& Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies from the UK. After his studies he came back to Nigeria and started an FMCG company called Vascorp that focusses on agri-based business encouraging domestic produce and consumption. He also serves as a Group Executive Director for the family run business of Stallion conglomerate.

During his initial career he accessed invaluable experiences and knowledge that steered him to see more of West African youth exposed to better opportunities. He strongly believes that rather than directly supporting affected people monetarily one should invest in education and teaching people the right skills to empower them to help themselves. Stallion Empowerment Initiative is therefore focussed on creating sustainable solutions for communities that helps rural development and nation building.

In September of 2019, the organization became a fully formed NGO with great invaluable support from his business community, family and friends.