Stallion Empowerment Initiative’s first pillars of development has been on education. Sub-Saharan Africa as a region has a rough estimate of 64% illiteracy. This is the highest in the world. It is crucial for Nigeria to set a benchmark as one of the leading economies in Africa to improve the access and opportunities available for young individuals.

SEI supports two primary schools and one technical school in Warri, Nigeria. Our goal is to improve enrolment and attendance rates in primary & technical high schools in the region. We believe continued support through PPP will improve the infrastructure, teaching standards, and access to schools for children today.

Female literacy continues to be an ongoing challenge in Nigeria. Two contributing factors continue to make female empowerment a controversial topic.

  • The cultural and religious disparities between the north and south of Nigeria.
  • The drop out rates of girls aged 11 and above stop attending schools to focus on household chores or marriage. (UNDP, Nigeria)

The Stallion Empowerment Initiative (SEI) believes these are core challenges societies will continue to tackle in the future. As an organisation it is essential to set the precedence of gender equality in Nigeria.

For the SEI Scholarship program, 71% of the students chosen on merit are female further attesting that SEI supports schools that provide a very conducive environment for the girl child. By creating an open environment for girls to attend schools and supporting them with educational grants and scholarships the organisation is propagating gender equality.

SEI also institutionalised the Girls Sanitation Programme on the International Day of the girl child advocating the importance of health and sanitary care and encouraging girls to attend school and not feel conscious during menstrual cycle and talk and discuss about their health issues without any prejudice with health care staff and counsellors.

Whilst education still remains to be an ongoing challenge, it is essential to prepare young students into adulthood. By improving their opportunities and knowledge of the potential job-market. SEI wants to be a pillar of support of young students entering into universities or the workforce.

We believe our initiatives in grants, scholarships & skills can improve their potential job prospects.

The BMS School has already several field trips to showcase some of the agriculture fields and mills in Kano.

SEI looks towards the sustainable development goal 4 – with the intention to set the right precedence for teaching standards by 2030. “All girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development. Care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.” UNICEF.

We believe education should be inclusive and approachable for pre-primary education. “learning through play” or “playful learning” is centered around child and playful programs for schools. The overall goal is to make “play” joyful, meaningful, actively engaging and socially interactive.