Stallion Empowerment Initiative second pillar of development is through healthcare. We support a clinic and a 50-bed hospital with special wards for female and pediatric health care services in the Aladja region in Warri, Delta State. The community around the hospital is largely rural and socio economically backward, on an average it serves 50 out patients per day.

The Premium Hospital was established to bring health care delivery closer and accessible to the residents of the Steel township and reduce the child and maternal mortality rate in the immediate community.

Our goal is to make it an accessible hospital for patients in Aladja. We believe there is potential to improve the healthcare system and equipment by providing the right treatment and outreach to patients. Alongside Hyundai “Anti-Malaria Campaign, we believe there is potential to reduce the risk of prone diseases in the region.

2019 goals in Aladja
•X ray machines
•OT table
•Diathermy machine
•Automatic Hematology Analyser and Sonic Aids

Our long term impact on healthcare are listed below

In Nigeria every 1 in 13 women are at maternal risk while giving birth-with an annual of 40,000 maternal deaths. (African Population and Health Research Center, 2017) SEI works on three main initiatives while addressing Maternal Mortality Rates.

•Awareness for patients.
•Access through transportation.
•The right medical support and services through our hospital

Our MMR and Neonatal Care program commits to improve the maternal and infant health in rural regions in the country so that no life is lost in vain.

Even though infant mortality is reducing annually, it is still a significant problem in the region. As of 2017, it is roughly 100 deaths out of 1000 live births. (UNICEF)

SEI believes through the right screening to detect hidden conditions there are ways to prevent infant mortality. There also need for getting preconception and prenatal care after birth.