SEI outreach in 391 villages and approximately 40,000 rice farmers to support better yield and sustained livelihood in Nigeria. It works through Public private partnerships with government’s agriculture objectives to train small scale farmers. The impact is in 12 rice producing states across Nigeria with the best techniques in field planting, seed management, harvesting, drying and threshing.

Stallion Group values the work of young farmers and have established recruitment initiatives for practical and theoretical training in various states.
Our programmes help farmers cultivate their land and create new opportunities in the rural outskirts. As an organisation we want to push forward the agenda of opportunity, sufficiency & security in the country.

SEI distributes rice farming equipment and tools to 29,000 farmers, across several rice producing states in Nigeria. We believe agriculture is an initiative both women and men should be involved in. Roughly 20% of the beneficiaries are women who work to contribute to their families and household income. SEI hopes to encourage the participation of women in farming for future generations ahead. This creates socio-economic advancements for women to feel empowered & included in their villages.